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Hot Mess Millennials

Hot Mess Millennials in Therapy
There were definitely things that weren’t going well. Maybe it’s your relationships with others. Sometimes, you have a tough time setting boundaries or communicating your needs. Or, you could be feeling the effects of anxiety or depression. Whatever it was, you were kinda managing. And then, we least expected it, COVID enters stage right.
We all know that life comes with struggles. Most of us read



Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,


so we know that bad things just happen sometimes. But 2020 – we weren’t ready for you. It really has been feeling like too much this year. Let’s face it – 2020 SUCKED. 2021…eh. We all want to believe that 2022 will be SO. MUCH. BETTER. And, hopefully, that will be true! But, why wait for months at the hope that simply turning the calendar page or ringing in the new year to feel better? And let’s really think about this…Haven’t you tried that before?  And here you are. If this sounds familiar, therapy for millennials can help you navigate this madness we call life. In a pandemic.
Commons Reasons Millennials Start Therapy
Chances are there have been things you’ve been struggling with and putting off for months or years but the pandemic really did a great job at bringing them to the forefront. For awhile there, there just weren’t as many distractions available to allow you to keep ignoring them. Though the calendar has started getting more full, you may be dreading those events more than ever. You’re not alone. So many people have started therapy since March 2020 that it has become hard to find someone who looks like you could talk to them who actually has availability (For now, I do!). While everyone’s experience is different, here are some common struggles that are causing folks to start therapy:

  • Your inner critic


    She can get pret-ty loud when there’s less noise in the background to drown her out.

  • Flashbacks or unwanted memories of trauma.


    Or even just embarrassing or shame-filled scenes you’d rather not think about. See my EMDR therapy page for more on this.

  • Lacking professional satisfaction


    The fact that you actually hate your job, boss, or coworkers. Or maybe it just feels a lot less fulfilling than it used to. It’s pretty exhausting.

  • Relationship stuff


    The irritating things your bf/spouse/kids do that seem to be happening all the friggin time now

  • Imposter Syndrome.


    Someone is surely going to figure out you’re a fraud. And SOON.

  • Lack of boundaries


    Everyone is driving you up the wall, but is it really their fault if you haven’t said anything (or said it clearly…or followed through)? And why is this bothering you so much more than it used to?

  • Feeling lonely.


    These days that is harder than ever to avoid, and you don’t have to actually BE ALONE to feel this way. In fact, it’s often lonelier when you’re with others but don’t feel understood or seen by them.

  • Spending habits


    Overspending is harder to overlook when there are packages arriving at your door every day and you don’t even know what you ordered 3 nights ago at 12:30 am simultaneously watching your 6th hour of Netflix (“Are you


    still watching?”) and eating a bag of Doritos.


  • Struggling with anxiety.


    Making an excuse for why you can’t go to the thing you said just yesterday you’d go to. Arguing with yourself in your head for hours about why you HAVE to go, then why you CAN’T go, and back and forth again and again.


Therapy for Millennials Can Help
There is hope! Starting therapy for millennials can help you through all of this craziness. Yes, it’s really tough right now. There are many unknowns and that’s probably taking a toll on you. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this is temporary. This whole pandemic thing WILL eventually end, and then what? It’s likely going to be more difficult to put yourself back out there, not less. Unless you decide to try something new. You know, like getting some help from a professional who helps people with this shit on the regular 😉
Chances are, I’ve helped many people struggling with the same issues you are dealing with right now. Through our work together, my clients have been able to feel more secure, have an easier time setting boundaries and communicating their needs, and ultimately feel more satisfied in their lives.
My Approach To Therapy For Millennials
Despite popular belief, therapy is not easy. It will push you. You’ll find yourself considering the perspectives you haven’t before. And hey, you might notice some patterns that you haven’t seen before. While it may be hard and feel a little icky – that’s how you know you’re doing the work. That is when change happens –


When you address the nonsense in your life head-on. It’s absolutely hard. And, it’s absolutely worth it.


Whatever is getting to you, whether it be anxious thoughts, depression, unresolved trauma, or getting fed up with the people around you, I can help. I’ve done lots of therapy with millennials, helping them to identify and reach their goals, whatever they make look like. You’re not alone in this.
Begin Therapy For Millennials In Colorado
Life has been wild and incredibly unexpected, even before 2020. I get it. Living during a pandemic can make can disrupt many different areas of your life. Here’s the good news: Fewer distractions = more time to ACTUALLY GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. This is where I come in! Therapy for millennials can help you get through what life is throwing at you. When you’re ready to start therapy for millennial, follow these steps:
  1. Get to know me and my style by reading through this website! 🙂
3. Get your life together.
Other Counseling Services Offered in Colorado
Therapy for millennials isn’t the only service I offer. Previously, I saw clients in my counseling clinic near Denver, CO. However, I have transitioned to primarily online therapy. So, I can provide counseling services to anyone in Colorado! I do still see some (fully vaccinated) clients in my Morrison, CO office. Most often, I work with:




navigating difficult situations in their life. I also provide


teen counseling


I am certified in


EMDR therapy.


 And, as an AAMFT Approved Supervisor I also offer

supervision for MFTCs and LPCCs

Whatever you’re going through, we can get through it together.


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