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Don't know (or like) where your life is heading?

Hot Mess Moms


Counseling for Moms

You know the Hot Mess moms –

The moms that have 14,000 things on their plate

Moms are always somehow doing “more” than others, but this year that definition of “more” has increased astronomically, and often in ways mostly unseen. I provide counseling for moms, so I get it. Here are just *some* of the challenges I’m hearing a lot about from all of the Moms in my life:


As in, zilch. Zero. Nada. For. Months.

Now, let’s be honest. No matter how much you love your kids, everyone needs some time alone at least every now and then. But for months…in some cases a year or more… kids were suddenly no longer going to school or camp, so where were they? Home with you, of course! Every. Single. Minute. Because even if you were lucky enough to have your kids get together with your friend and her kids for some outdoor time, the days of just dropping them off for a few hours disappeared. Some degree of normalcy is returning, but that doesn’t mean the stress has all gone away for moms (as if that will ever happen!).

How counseling for moms can give a little bit of alone time

No, I can’t watch your kids for the weekend, but I can give you that mental space to distance yourself from all of the things going on in your house. So hey, a session of counseling for moms can give you a little bit of YOU time.


This seems to be constant and overwhelming. And, it comes with a fear that no matter what decision you make it won’t be the right one.

There were already plenty of opportunities to question your decision making prior to the pandemic, but COVID definitely increased that stress exponentially as well. You might find that talking through tough decisions in counseling for moms can help you navigate this madness.


Awhile back I saw a New Yorker cartoon which was captioned, “My desire to be well-informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane.” PREACH!!!

It’s always somewhat difficult to filter through the news feed and decide what you need to know. And, what is actually accurate and factual information. But it’s never been more difficult than now. Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, not to mention the “regular” news sources such as NPR, BBC, the New York Times, etc.

How much time are we spending doing this?

According to, American adults spent 12 hours and 9 minutes EACH DAY on average with some type of media in 2019. We’re always talking about how much time teens are spending online, but HELLO – maybe we should take a look in the mirror?! Notice that stat is for ADULTS. Unless you work in the industry directly, that sounds like WAY too much consumption than is actually helpful. And maybe even if you are in the industry, really.

There are a million more things that are hard for moms every day all the time, not just in the current state of the world. And those million things didn’t go away when the pandemic started. When George Floyd was killed. When that shit show of a “debate” happened.

So. . . how can counseling help with this?

Again, I don’t have a magic solution. Nor do I have a valid explanation for anything that’s happened this year. But, I can give you a space to explore how this is impacting you. Because if you act like it’s not, you’re probably lying to yourself. As a counselor, I help you explore events that are weighing heavily on your mind and find new perspectives and ways of handling them that feel more sustainable.

There is a LOT of things weighing on you. This is not imaginary. It is not exaggerated.


You don’t have to hold everything together all the time in order to be a good wife. A good friend. A good parent. A good employee. On the contrary, I’d argue that you’ll be much better and more present in each of those rolls if you actually let it out. Regularly. And find better ways to take care of yourself. Simply being yourself is more than enough – but I understand you may need some time and assistance to actually belief that.

I can help with that. Let’s do this.

Why not give it a shot? At the very least, it’s an hour a week that is JUST. FOR. YOU. And that sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get this therapy party started. When you’ve got your dancing shoes on, follow these steps:



Reach out and set up a consultation.


2. Get to know me as your


counselor for moms.


3. Start giving yourself the compliments you give to other hardworking BOSS moms.

Other Counseling Services Provided in Colorado

Counseling for moms isn’t the only service I offer. Previously, I saw clients in my Denver, CO counseling clinic. However, I have transitioned to primarily online therapy in Colorado so I can see anyone in the state! I love to work with women navigating different situations in their life. I also work with millennials. In addition, I am trained in EMDR therapy. And, I also offer MFT supervision and professional consulting. I can help you go from ‘hot mess’, to ‘your best!’