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Don't know (or like) where your life is heading?

Online Therapy

Online Therapy in Colorado

You may have been thinking about starting counseling, but where can you find the time?  Despite the pandemic, you may still have to commute to Denver or Colorado Springs. Which, only cuts into your so-called “free” time.  If you’re at home with the kids all day every day, it may feel even more impossible to find “alone time” for therapy.  If you’re in Meeker, it may seem like an impossibility to actually find a therapist to talk to about the stress, anxiety, and depression you’re struggling with.  This is where one sliver of goodness has come from the pandemic – you can easily start online counseling from the comfort of your couch (or, less comfortable, your car if you must hide from your kids/family!).  Online therapy is your next step!

Online therapy in Colorado may be the solution you’re seeking

A girl smiles while looking at her phone. She is feeling happy after starting online therapy in Lakewood, CO with Hot Mess Counseling.

You want high quality, specialized counseling services from someone you can connect with. But, you also need it to fit with your lifestyle.  Online therapy at Hot Mess Counseling may be just what you’ve been looking for!  

I specialize in working with women who are the “do it all” types. But, as a result, often feel they are missing the bar every time (maybe that bar is just a little bit too high?).  Imposter syndrome gets the best of us.  Overwhelm is a familiar experience for just about everyone these days.  Coffee to wake and wine to sleep is an all too common method of dealing with the stress of the pandemic. And, everything else in our lives in 2020 and, likely, beyond.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You don’t need to (nor can you, let’s be real) be everything to everyone.  You don’t need to keep it together all the time.  And, you are allowed to have bad days.  You are allowed to let your kids know that not seeing your friends makes you sad, too. In addition, you can own that you’re a hot mess mom. When you’re arguing with your hot mess teen, you are allowed to feel frustrated. What’s more, you are allowed to not be the greatest remote learning teacher to your children because YOU ARE NOT A TEACHER!  (And, BTW, even if you ARE actually a teacher you are STILL allowed to not be a great one to your own kids!).  And, you can struggle with the obstacles that are thrown at you as a hot mess millennial

With Online Therapy in Colorado, you don’t have to do this alone. 

A girl sits looking at the mountains. She is feeling happy since starting online therapy in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling.

There is a stupid amount of expectations put on us hot mess women. You’re constantly being pulled in so many different decisions. How do you decide what to do? I get it. But, starting online therapy doesn’t have to be a tough choice.

EMDR Therapy Through Online Therapy in Colorado

EMDR therapy is an effective form of trauma therapy.  Fun fact: EMDR therapy uses bilateral stimulation to reprocess traumatic memories. This helps our brain to process these memories and store them correctly. Doing so helps us to not feel triggered when thinking about the traumatic incident(s). Studies show that EMDR therapy is just as effective virtually as it is in person. 

Counseling for Moms With Online Therapy in Colorado

As a mom, you’re a busy person. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Luckily, counseling for moms through online therapy in Colorado can help take off some of the pressure. Online therapy adds more convenience than typical in-person therapy doesn’t have. The added flexibility of working with an online therapist in Colorado can take a little pressure off.

Teen Counseling with Online Therapy in Colorado

There are a lot of barriers that teens in Colorado are navigating right now. Many of these barriers are brand new to most of us. So, your teen is likely being impacted by a lot of different areas. Changes in school, future plans, and the new way friendships look is probably taking a toll. Luckily teen counseling through online therapy in Colorado can help them navigate this. As an online therapist in Colorado, I’m well-equipped to work with your teen through these trials and tribulations.

So, what are the benefits of Online Therapy?

Convenience. No need to commute in Denver metro traffic!  Online therapy allows you the luxury of having your counseling session anywhere in Colorado. Seriously. You can meet with me for counseling from the office, home or anywhere that’s convenient. You don’t even have to be in the Denver area for that matter! Live in Colorado Springs? Fabulous, I’d still love to see you! Taking a long weekend in Aspen? No problem. You can still login for your therapy session. Not finding a therapist you click with in the Montrose area? I’ve got ya covered.

Less pressure. Feel free to come with messy hair, in your pajamas (please wear pants…and a shirt) – no need to “get ready”! There’s less of an expectation when working with an online therapist.

A picture of a dog is shown. This reflects concepts discussed in online therapy in Colorado with Hot Mess Counseling.

Perks of pets. Snuggle with your pet during online therapy! As online therapist, my doggos will probably join the session, too!

Time to do all of the things. You can throw in a load of laundry before getting started and change it immediately after – multitasking at its best! Online therapy is one of the only things that can help you successfully multitask. 

Maybe no babysitter? Depending on the age of your children, no need to organize childcare! Turns out online therapy in Colorado can save you some money!

BYOD(drinks, preferably not alcohol). Feel free to enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee, have a snack, etc (but please, no alcohol)! Your responsible online therapist in Colorado thanks you in advance!

Flexible scheduling. Easily use your lunch break to take care of YOU! Online therapy in Colorado offers you a more flexible schedule when you don’t have to factor in driving time. 

Common Concerns About Online Therapy in Colorado

I don’t like the idea of skyping for therapy – isn’t it risky?

A:  Skype IS risky, which is why I use a secure platform through my electronic health record (EHR), SimplePractice.

I really wanted to use EMDR therapy to address my issues but I have to be in person for that.

A: Nope!  I LOVE EMDR THERAPY and use it all the time with my clients through online therapy. For EMDR therapy, I just use a program in addition to my EHR which is seamless (though best on a laptop, rather than a phone).

I don’t have any privacy with my computer.

A: No problem!  You can use your phone and the SimplePractice for Telehealth (free) app to connect by video for our session.  Whether you’re sitting in your car, your backyard, or taking a break on the ski slopes – as long as you have a good connection, you can do online therapy!

A sand castle reads "stop waiting." This reflects concepts discussed in online therapy in Colorado with Hot Mess Counseling.

Begin Online Therapy in Colorado

So, now that you know how easy online therapy in Colorado is – What are you waiting for?!  Start making the changes that you want in your life today. Online therapy gives you the convenience, quality, and safety you need. When you’re ready to begin working with an online therapist in Colorado, follow these steps: