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My Services

  • Individual Therapy (15 yo+)
  • Clinical Supervision for Professional Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists
    (AAMFT Approved Supervisor)


  • Older teens (15-19) struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and life transitions (changing schools, homes, friend groups, going off to college, graduating from HS but not knowing what to do next…)
  • Women 20-40 struggling with the above issues plus first time adulting, dealing with relationships, current and past family difficulties that may be impacting current mental well being and/or current relationships
  • Parents of adolescent/young adult females struggling with any of the above issues
  • EMDR Certified – Though EMDR is known for helping people recover from trauma, it is also extremely helpful for treatment of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or low self worth among other issues.