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Don't know (or like) where your life is heading?

Hot Mess Women

We all know that life comes with struggles, but the past 2+ years have been especially tough. We all want to believe that this year will be SO. MUCH. BETTER. Hopefully, that will be true, but, why wait for months in the hope that simply turning the calendar page or ringing in the new year to feel better?  Year after year, you’ve hoped for the New Year to “change your life”, but here you are, watching the time go by and still complaining about the same stuff as you were in 2021, 2020…2015?!?! It feels like you’ve tried everything, and yet, here you are. Looking at a website for therapy in Denver, CO (or Boston, MA!). Hmmmm….
Counseling Really Can Help!
Chances are your method of “just pushing through” is becoming more tiresome. You don’t just ignore thoughts, you ignore obvious signs that things aren’t working – or try to, at least. This has all been pretty exhausting to live with. But you’re not alone. If you ACTUALLY decide to do something different, than you will finally get different results.  That’s where counseling comes in.
Common Reasons to Start Counseling for Women
I work with many “hot mess” women all over the greater Denver and greater Boston areas. They’re all going through different things…and a lot of the same things too. As a counselor in Denver, CO, with a long history in the Metro Boston area before that, I’m familiar with women’s issues and have seen the whole gamut. Considering this, I have seen a common theme of why my clients have started counseling for women. Maybe you are having more trouble avoiding:
  • Your inner critic – she can get pret-ty loud when there’s less noise in the background to drown her out.
  • Flashbacks or unwanted memories of trauma (or even just embarrassing, shame-filled, or otherwise painful experiences you’d rather not think about). See my EMDR page for more on this…
  • The fact that you actually can’t stand your job/boss/coworkers.
  • The irritating things your bf/spouse/kids do that seem to be happening all the friggin time now
  • Your imposter syndrome. Someone is surely going to figure out you’re a fraud. And SOON.
  • Your lack of boundaries. Everyone is driving you up the wall, but is it really their fault if you haven’t said anything, or said it clearly…or followed through?
  • The loneliness you feel. These days that is harder than ever to avoid, and you don’t have to actually BE ALONE to feel this way. In fact, it’s often lonelier when you’re with others, but don’t feel understood or seen by them.
  • Your spending habits. Harder to overlook when there are packages arriving at your door every day. And, you don’t even know what you ordered 3 nights ago at 12:30am simultaneously watching your 6th hour of Netflix (“Are you still watching?”) and eating a bag of Doritos.
Exceptions to Needing Counseling for Women?
For awhile there it was relatively easy to avoid situations that caused you anxiety.  Maybe you’ve always been anxious at any sort of “event.” But, now things are getting back to normal and it’s getting harder (and more tiresome) to continue to make excuses not to go.  Somehow it feels even harder to get out of your comfort zone since you were able to be there so much more often for so long.  You know, the normal everyday stuff like:
  • Making an excuse for why you can’t go to the thing you said just yesterday you’d go to.
  • Arguing with yourself in your head for hours about why you HAVE to go. Then, why you CAN’T go. Back and forth again and again.
  • Telling yourself not to say something stupid. Trying not to talk too much. Or, drinking too much in hopes of easing your anxiety.
  • Hating what you see in the mirror. Trying on every piece of clothing but never feeling “good” about yourself.
Hot Mess Counseling Can Help You Navigate This!
Again, yes – it IS a lot to deal with. Right now, it might seem bleak. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way.  Really.  


Online Therapy in Colorado and Massachusetts
In addition to providing in person therapy in Morrison, CO, I’m able to work with anyone through online therapy in Colorado or Massachusetts. I can see clients in Boulder, Denver, Littleton, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Boston, Cambridge, Newton and much more! This way, you can work through all of your things while staying safe. So, our sessions can take place from your couch or office in Denver, Springfield, or even Grand Junction. Here’s the good news: Fewer distractions = more time to ACTUALLY GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Over the years I’ve seen that simply connecting with someone outside of your circle, who you don’t have to “take care of”, who holds space JUST FOR YOU, can make the difference in starting to feel like you again. 

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