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5 Reasons Why Starting Online Therapy in Colorado Will Be The Best Decision You Make All Week (All Year, Even!)

Let’s be real. You’ve needed to start online therapy in Denver, CO for a hot minute.

An hour glass is shown.This reflects concepts of starting online therapy in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling.

But, somehow, it keeps getting pushed off. Getting started with just about anything is the hardest part, right?  Generally, though, that difficulty is much more in our minds than it is in the actual doing of the thing.  Though starting online therapy can legitimately be a little harder than some other things. Finding an online therapist that is the right fit, for one. But, it can still be done – often in less than 24hrs!  So, let’s dive into the 5 reasons why starting online therapy in Denver, CO will be the best decision you make this week.

Reason #1 to Start Online Therapy: IT’S TIME TO STOP PUTTING YOURSELF LAST.

How many times have you said you were going to do something for yourself recently (get a workout in, read a book, meet up with a friend)? But something else just “happened” and you (supposedly) had to put it off?  Maybe that something was work-related, or kid related, or partner-related. But, it wasn’t about your own needs.  Working with an online therapist in Denver, CO during your week might be just what you need to take a breather. And, create some space in your life that for just ONE HOUR IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

Reason #2 to Start Online Therapy: YOU REALLY NEED TO LOWER YOUR STRESS LEVEL.

Blocks read "hell. This reflects concepts discussed in a blog post written by online therapist in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling about reasons why you should start online therapy in Denver, CO.

You’ve been trying to deal with all of the stress you’ve been under. But, nothing seems to be working.  You barely have time to wash your leisurewear (so you can wear it again tomorrow!). Let alone get some alone time to re-center and JUST. BREATHE.  Having the time set aside with online therapy as an actual appointment will help you learn ways to handle all that life throws at you. And, you’ll have an online therapist to walk alongside and support you in the process.

Reason #3 to Start Online Therapy: NO, YOU’RE NOT CRAZY. 

But sometimes it feels like you just need to double-check that right?  You’ve just been dealing with this shitshow of a year for about a decade now (so it seems). And, that can make anyone feel out of sorts, to say the least. Or, maybe you’re trying to navigate the aftermath of trauma. And that can be really tough. Although you know you’re not alone in this, the weight of everything you’ve been carrying all this time is getting to be too heavy for you.  So why not allow an online therapist (like me!) to help shoulder the burden?  Or even better, help you figure out how to redistribute – or get rid of altogether – some of that weight you’re carrying? No, it’s not unrealistic. Yes, it is possible. Online therapy in Denver, CO is the space where we can talk through all of the things.

Reason #4 to Start Online Therapy: YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER PARENT AND PARTNER. 

Stop being a martyr – it’s not a good look.  And, it definitely doesn’t feel good either, does it?  You do NOT have to do it all. And, you are NOT a failure as a mom, friend, or partner if you say “no” sometimes.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Learning your limits, how to see yourself reaching them, and being able to ask for what you need (HELPPP!!!!!) is actually better for all of your loved ones than trying to do it all on your own.  When you feel better, they feel better. Truly! As an online therapist, I’ve seen this in real-time.

Reason #5 to Start Online Therapy: YOU WON’T REGRET IT. 

Anything that has been crossing your mind over and over again that you think you “should” do can be two things. It’s either something you need to stop fucking around and just get to it. OR, stop fooling yourself and just take it off your list once and for all.  Which of those categories does “finally contact an online therapist in Denver, CO” belong in?  Don’t let the “big-ness” of the idea of starting online therapy get in your way.  You’re really only committing to one session.  One hour.  That’s it.  Then you can decide if you want to continue…(HINT: It’s easier to decide upfront that you’ll go to at least X sessions before calling it quits, rather than having to decide each time if there will be another time.) Yes, online therapy has some level of commitment. And, you’re not signing your life away.

Don’t say you don’t have time.

A sign reads "stop." This reflects concepts discussed in blog post by online therapist in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling about the benefits of starting online therapy in Denver, CO.

That’s a lie and you know it.  You need to decide if you’re ready to PRIORITIZE YOURSELF for just one hour a week (or even every other week – something is better than nothing!).  With online therapy, there’s really no excuse.  Truthfully, you can meet during your lunch break, before you get started on your work for the day, during an afternoon break time, to wrap up your Monday and get the rest of the week on track. You don’t have to worry about making it to my Denver office. You don’t even have to make it out the door! As an online therapist, I’ve seen people get pret-ty creative with this. You can meet in your living room, your office, or even your car if that’s the only place you can get some privacy.  All you need to do is click a link and you’ve moved into a window of time that is truly all about you and your needs.   

Now doesn’t that sound nice?

I’m not selling you the dream. You can reach your goals with online therapy

Starting online therapy in Denver, CO with a counselor who gets it is a really good decision. Not only in response to current events, but also to help you get through the chaos that life always has waiting on the horizon. It’s time to invest in yourself. Through online therapy, you’ll learn  the tools you need to get through all of the craziness that life throws at you. You’ve done this song and dance for too long. It’s time to change up the rhythm. Therapy can help and online therapy make it easier than ever. So…no excuses anymore. It’s time to get control of that anxiety,  tell that depression who’s boss and be the mom/wife/partner/friend/PERSON we both know you want to be.

Begin Online Therapy in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling

Let’s get this therapy party started! The cool thing about online therapy is that I can work with you anywhere in Colorado, even though my Denver based counseling clinic is closed. As an online therapist in Denver, CO, I’m passionate about working with women dealing with all of the things. I love working with moms and millennials who are trying to navigate the responsibilities thrown at them. I also love to offer EMDR therapy and trauma therapy to help you heal and move on from the past. In addition, I offer clinical supervision to folks working towards licensure. When you’re ready to start working with me, follow these steps:

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3. Invest in yourself FOR YOURSELF.