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About Cadence

Your new therapist in Denver, CO!

So….Who IS this person you might decide to share all your vulnerabilities with?!

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(Hourly kiss attack by Rocky)

The Fun Stuff

I’m Cadence, a wife of 16+ years to my wonderful husband Chris. And, I’m a dog mom to the two best dogs in the whole world (okay, maybe I’m biased…) – Rocky the labradoodle and Rosie the chocolate lab!

Though we’re both from the same hometown suburb of Boston, we decided to move out to Colorado in 2014. And, I’m SO glad we finally followed through with our dream.  We miss many things about our New England life (primarily family, friends, and the beach!). But, we have no plans to ever move back.  It’s just too good out here!  We love the activities we can do in the Denver area. And, we love the slightly quieter suburbs of Lakewood, Morrison, and Littleton. Whether it be Boulder, Winter Park, or Durango, we love it here!

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We love the adventures Colorado has in store for us!

If you look to the left, you’ll see me doing one of my favorite things: hiking. And, doing so in one of my favorite places. A far drive, but still just a drive away from Bryce Canyon National Park!

How I spend my time when I’m not wearing my therapist hat

When I’m not seeing clients or doing all the behind the scenes therapist work (such as working on one of the many courses I’m always enrolled in – #lifetimelearner), I’m seeing live music (at Red Rocks whenever possible!), skiing at Keystone, hiking one of the endless trails near and far, or curling up with a great book. And, I also love sports! I’m a  Boston sports fan (hard to pick what sport I enjoy most)!  In normal years we try to travel either back to Boston or internationally at least once. We even managed to do a bit of traveling in 2020 via car to gorgeous Montana and camping around Colorado.

The Serious Stuff to Know About Your Therapist in Denver, CO 

A photo shows a picture of therapist in Denver, CO Cadence with Hot Mess Counseling for moms in Denver, Lakewood, Morrison, Littleton and beyond with online therapy in Colorado for moms, anxiety, ptsd, support and supervision..

I graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology, and later received my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I’ve worked in many mental health positions and settings through the years including:

  • Community Mental Health
  • In-Home Therapy
  • Outpatient therapy within an agency setting
  • Group Home for Kids 5-12yo
  • Utilization review for substance abuse treatment at an insurance company
  • As a mental health provider within a pediatrician’s office
  • Outpatient therapy specifically for refugees & asylum seekers
  • Private PracticeButton with "Verified by Psychology Today" for colorado therapist Cadence at Hot Mess Counseling in Denver, CO. You can get professional counseling with an LPC and MFT supervisor here.
  • Supervising interns and postgraduates toward licensure

Private practice was always my ultimate goal, but I held off on going full time until I was in a location where I planned to stay for the long haul.  I opened my practice in Colorado in September 2015, went full time in January 2019, and haven’t looked back since!  

What I love to do as a therapist

As you can see, I have quite a bit of experience in this field. These settings taught me some pretty valuable lessons. Lessons that I use in my practice as a therapist in Denver, CO. Each job setting was incredibly unique and gave me experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Plus, these experiences have helped shape me into the therapist that I am today. Though all of my previous positions had their benefits, I knew that certain settings weren’t the best fit for me.

Providing therapy for women is my jam

A photo of Cadence a therapist in Denver, CO is shown. She is an online therapist in Denver, CO with Hot Mess Counseling for moms, ptsd, anxiety, marriage counseling, family therapy, and more. You can get counseling in Denver, CO as well as Littleton, Morrison, Lakewood and beyond with Online therapy in Colorado..

Over time I have found myself drawn to working with women due to the connection and progress I’ve made with so many amazing female clients. Each woman that I work with has an incredible story and is incredibly unique. I love working with women to combat their anxiety, learn to set and hold appropriate boundaries, and to learn how to trust themselves again. Something else that often comes along with these issues is a history of trauma. When it makes sense and will be helpful, I offer EMDR therapy for my clients. Whether online via telehealth or in person, EMDR has made a world of difference is my clients’ lives.

I help millennials, women, and moms navigate situations that are really making their life tough. That can be anything from college classes to navigating a marriage and motherhood, and everything in between. When given the tools to succeed, I think that each woman is a force of nature. 

Providing clinical supervision is my (other) jam

I’ve had a lot of experience receiving clinical supervision. Some of it was good, some of it was not so good. But, these experiences have helped me become an effective clinical supervisor- one who knows what does and doesn’t work. Providing supervision to new clinicians is something I love to do because I know how valuable getting quality clinical supervision is. I’m so grateful to be able to focus on these issues full time.

And, I hope if you have read through this and feel I could help YOU get to your best that you will get in touch!

Offering Online Therapy in Denver, CO and Beyond

I started offering online therapy in Denver, CO in response to COVID like so many others. Though I had my own hesitation and questions about whether or not it would be as good as in person, it turns out that online therapy is pretty darn effective! I’m using a platform through my electronic health record with my clients which is completely secure and we’ve had great success. The great thing is that online therapy has great benefits that traditional therapy doesn’t have. With online therapy, I can work with you anywhere in the state of Colorado or Massachusetts. Whether it be Aurora, Boston, Lakewood, Salem, Morrison, or Durango – we just need stable wifi! And the best part? No commute!

Begin Therapy or Clinical Supervision in Denver, CO With Me!

My Denver based counseling clinic is closed, so I’m operating through online therapy in Colorado. I frequently work with women, moms, and millennials who are trying to navigate the responsibilities thrown at them. In addition, I offer EMDR therapy and trauma therapy to help you heal and move on from the things in the past that won’t let go. In addition, I offer clinical supervision to individuals working towards licensure. When you’re ready to start working with me, follow these steps:1. Reach out and set up a consultation – If you don’t see a time here that works for you, please send me an email to [email protected] with your availability and I’ll let you know what else I have available.

1. Reach out and set up a consultation – If you don’t see a time here that works for you, please send me an email to [email protected] with your availability and I’ll let you know what else I have available.
2. Get to know me as your online therapist or clinical supervisor (you know, read this page!)
3. Transform from ‘hot mess’ to your BEST!